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Die Stunde da wir nichts voneinander wußten

Die Stunde da wir nichts voneinander wussten von Peter Handke Premiere am 30. April 2015 im Thalia Theater Regie Tiit Ojasoo und Ene-Liis SemperFoto: Armin Smailovic

Von Malva Cepeda

Imagine yourself sitting in plaza, anywhere in the world, sipping your coffee and observing the people that pass by. People going to work, people in a hurry, accidents, joy, madness, love, uncertainty, but there is something you are most certain about, the fact that no one knows what happened before or after they passed through this plaza, they don’t know that a homeless person was taken away from his or her place, they don’t know that a man with his girlfriend was having an affair with a girl that had just passed by a few minutes ago, they don’t know that the firemen were called, because somebody had to be saved from themselves.

The hour we knew nothing from each other embraces the concept of observation and develops it in a play full of encounters, some positive, some negative, some even bizarre.

What happened before, makes whats happening now, and as the play goes on we are able to see some kind of development, but at the same time, no change in the everyday life of human beings on a daily basis.

Unfortunately the play becomes surreal, and the sense of the original script gets lost in translation.

The stage lightens up and people start appearing going from right to left, from left to right. People in all sizes and colours meet and pass by each other on a seemingly normal day, on a seemingly normal plaza. Stressed people, happy people, dancing people, working people, they all meet together on this singular place, and without realising it they all have some kind of connection, like lovers meeting and deceiving each other on the same place. After observing all these people become excited, upset, mad and lost, the actors take their clothes off and there is this kind of ceremony happening on the stage, maybe its telling us that underneath all that stress and clothing we are all the same. But it just deviated from the original concept of the play in the sense that the plaza, the people and the many happenings disappeared and became senseless.

There was though a positive highlight and it was the chorus. The music was beautiful and the fact that the members were sitting in the audience gave the atmosphere an amazing feeling, as if we were part of the play.

I felt enchanted by the music, but I expected more from the stage and the play itself.

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