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Der ganze Himmel über der Erde (Das Wendy-Syndrom)

Img554279Foto: Ricardo Carrillo de Albornoz

Von Malva Cepeda Fernández


The irony, the anger, the passion, the sadness… The society, the drugs, the alcohol, the love, the MOTHERS…

Last night was full of emotional catharsis. A woman, letting us know that all the things we have learned until now are wrong and full of selfishness; that we have been born to continue our parent’s legacy without any consideration on the fact that we are not given the chance to become ourselves but just a shadow developing itself to be exactly the same as the last generation. And that’s why we should all leave everything and go to Shanghai. A city full of unknown faces, customs and night waltzes, where we could all live at ease with our solitude. A city where we could become ourselves without any intrusion from western society.

We should hate our parents for lying to us about „working out of love“ or „not doing it for the money“, because that’s not what it means to be human. People with such thoughts can’t be trusted, there is no real goodness in this world and there is a constant slapping to the audience from a person, whom has never ever lived a moment of pure happiness, who is victim of society’s wrong doings… And I was angry… Angry because I have had all the things she did not have and I couldn’t do anything about it; I couldn’t say „everything is going to be alright“, „people make mistakes“, „parents make mistakes“, I couldn’t.

News and films about people who ended up being tired of the things around them and just start killing others, because they think it will fulfill them and create change. Utøya’s attacks are a consequence of a dissatisfied group of people, and guess what? It didn’t change anything, because „…nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, we will grieve not; rather find strength in what remains behind.“
Lines repeated over and over again, resonating like words of wisdom and hope. Lines that tell the reality of humanity, the fact that we are idealistic during our youth, but then life hits you and you have to deal with reality and become a nihilist.

„House of the rising sun“, a folk song about life gone wrong matches perfectly a stage of despair and sadness, combined with anger and desire to break free. The song was played too many times, and every single one was special, but it was tearing me apart in ways a play has never done before. I was affected by a person’s cry to humanity, cause humanity’s biggest accomplishment is being really good at being bad to each other.
Even though we live under the same sky, we were just born to different circumstances “…and it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy…”

Die Vorstellung wird heute, am 7.2., um 20 Uhr im Thalia in der Gaußstraße gezeigt.




Ein Kommentar zu “Der ganze Himmel über der Erde (Das Wendy-Syndrom)

  1. Marina
    14. Februar 2014

    Excellent. Congratulations.

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